Glastonbury 2009

A fans vid of me hosting the Comedy tent at good ol' Glasto.

Richard Wood Interview

I'm getting interviewed.

'a coffee with' Craig Campbell

I'm a description. Click to edit me

My Showreel

Bit's of my career all thrown together into 7 minutes..... make of that what you will...



Fly'in with Ben Moor (ITV Comedy Cuts)

'I usually only fly in bad weather, but on this occasion I made exception to test run the ol' oil bucket as the mechanic said he was'nt sure if he fixed it.  Thought I should'nt tell Ben till the engine was running, as i did not want to put him off the ride'

Bestival 2010 - Backstage

I'm having a natter about my hectic festival season.



The Canadian, globe-trotting, funny man.